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Kerikeri Township Bay of IslandsThe Northland Region (Māori: Te Tai-tokerau, also Te Hiku-o-te-Ika, 'the Tail of the Fish (of Maui)'), one of the 16 regions of New Zealand, is, as the name suggests, the northernmost of New Zealand's administrative regions. The main centre of the region is the city of Whangarei.

Northland is located in what is often referred to by New Zealanders as the Far North or because of its mild climate - The Winterless North.

It occupies the upper 80% of the 285 kilometre-long North Auckland Peninsula, the southernmost part of which is in the Auckland Region.

Stretching from a narrowing of the peninsula close to the town of Wellsford, Northland extends north to the tip of the North Auckland Peninsula, covering an area of 13,940 km², a little over five per cent of the country's total area.

It is bounded to the west by the Tasman Sea, and to the east by the Pacific Ocean. The land is predominantly rolling hill country. Farming and forestry occupy over half of the land, and are two of the region's main industries

Northland is New Zealand's least urbanised region, with only some 50% of the population of 155,800 living in urban areas. Of these areas, Whangarei is the largest.  Seven other centres have populations of over 1000: Russell, Kaitaia, Dargaville, Kaikohe, Paihia, Kerikeri, and Kawakawa. The population is largely concentrated along the region's east coast.

Paihia Township Bay of IslandsThe Northland region is known as the 'Winterless North' fame for the long hours of sunshine, sub tropical seasons, diving, historic importance to early New Zealand colonial history and the home the world famous 'Bay of Islands' with the 'Hole in the Rock' cruise.

Northland is a favourite tourist destination, especially to the Bay of Islands and the historic town of Kerikeri. Diving and fishing are also popular visitor activities, especially around the Bay of Islands and the Poor Knights island chain.

Travel through out the Northland region can be by coach/bus, rental car, by air or by day tours from Auckland.

There are no passenger train or rail services in the Northland region.